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Boys Varsity Track · Powdersville High School Boys Varsity Track finishes 1st place

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

5:00 PM





Meet Recap

Region Champions!! Congratulations to Boys Track on finishing in first place at the Region II-AAA Championships at Palmetto High School on Wednesday, April 27, 2017. Patriots finished in the top spot in 10 events, set four new school records, and advanced 19 athletes to the State Qualifier in 15 events (30 opportunities to score points)!

Micah Schultz led the Patriots with first-place finishes in the 200M, 400M, 4x100M Relay and the 4x400M Relay. Kyle Booth finished first in the 110M Hurdles, 400M Hurdles, and the 4x400M Relay and second in the High Jump. Brendan McManamon finished first in the 1600M, 3200M, and the 4x800M Relay. Joey Schirrippa finished first in the Pole Vault.

Other athletes to advance to the State Qualifer included Noah Brock (800M, 1600M, 4x800M Relay), Kollin Campbell (800M), Braylen Dirton (Discus), Blake Durham (4x100M Relay), Patrick Fitzsimmons (Pole Vault), Myles Freeman (100M Hurdles), Allen Hill (200M, 400M, 4x100M Relay, 4x400M Relay), Cameron Matthews (4x800M Relay), Jordan Meekins (200M, 400M Hurdles, 4x100M Relay, 4x400M Relay), Josh Moore (Triple Jump, 1600M, 3200M, 4x800M Relay), Jordan Parish (3200M), Connor Powers (Discus), Dylan Taylor (Pole Vault), Ethan Thomas (400M Hurdles), and Ethan Williams (Shot, Discus).

The 4×100 relay team (Allen Hill, Blake Durham, Micah Schultz, Jordan Meekins) set a new school record of 43.45, and the 4×800 relay team (Cameron Matthews, Josh Moore, Noah Brock, Brendan McManamon) dropped the school record to 8:49.74. Brendan McManamon lowered the school record in the 3200M to 10:19.32, and Josh Moore extended the school record in the Triple Jump to 40’10”. Way to go, Patriots!

Following are results for the Patriots in each of their events:
M 100m 6 Jared Nash Powdersville 11.74
M 100m 10 Blake Durham Powdersville 12.00
M 100m 11 Carrson Ford Powdersville 12.07
M 100m 12 Tay Cureton Powdersville 12.14
M 200m 1 Micah Schultz Powdersville 22.79
M 200m 3 Jordan Meekins Powdersville 23.18
M 200m 4 Allen Hill Powdersville 23.32
M 200m 17 Jared Nash Powdersville 24.76
M 400m 1 Micah Schultz Powdersville 51.15
M 400m 2 Allen Hill Powdersville 51.47
M 400m 5 Tay Cureton Powdersville 55.72
M 400m 9 Joe McGuff Powdersville 57.34
M 800m 2 Noah Brock Powdersville 2:09.57
M 800m 3 Kollin Campbell Powdersville 2:12.73
M 800m 5 Cameron Matthews Powdersville 2:14.17
M 800m 6 Jordan Parish Powdersville 2:15.01
M 1600m 1 Brendan McManamon Powdersville 4:45.09
M 1600m 3 Noah Brock Powdersville 4:50.58
M 1600m 4 Josh Moore Powdersville 4:52.67
M 1600m 6 Cameron Matthews Powdersville 5:14.44

M 3200m 1 Brendan McManamon Powdersville 10:19.32
M 3200m 2 Josh Moore Powdersville 10:30.30
M 3200m 3 Jordan Parish Powdersville 10:51.99
M 3200m 5 Kollin Campbell Powdersville 11:27.49
M 110H 1 Kyle Booth Powdersville 16.1 1:01.49
M 400H 4 Ethan Thomas Powdersville 1:04.70
M 400H 7 Myles Freeman Powdersville 1:10.42
M 4x100m 1 Allen Hill,Blake Durham, Micah Schultz, Jordan Meekins 43.45
M 4x400m 1 Kyle Booth, Allen Hill, Jordan Meekins, Micah Schultz 3:36.36

M 4x800m 1 Cameron Matthews, Josh Track_Boys_20170426DMoore, Noah Brock, Brendan McManamon 8:49.74
M HJ 2 Kyle Booth Powdersville 5-10.00
M HJ 5 Tyler Venable Powdersville 5-00.00
M LJ 6 Blake Durham Powdersville 18-04.00
M LJ 8 Jared Nash Powdersville 18-00.50
M LJ 10 Carrson Ford Powdersville 16-08.50
M LJ 13 Josh Frazier Powdersville 16-05.00
M TJ 3 Josh Moore Powdersville 40-10.00
M TJ 5 Myles Freeman Powdersville 38-07.00
M TJ 6 Blake Durham Powdersville 38-00.00
M TJ 9 Andrew Butler Powdersville 34-09.00
M PV 1 Joey Schirripa Powdersville 11-00.00

M PV 2 Dylan Taylor Powdersville 10-00.00
M PV 3 Patrick Fitzsimmons Powdersville 9-06.00
M D 2 Ethan Williams Powdersville 110-07.75
M D 3 Braylen Dirton Powdersville 107-04.00
M D 4 Connor Powers Powdersville 105-06.00
M D 6 Colton Edge Powdersville 97-08.00
M S 2 Ethan Williams Powdersville 41-06.00
M S 5 Connor Powers Powdersville 38-03.00
M S 7 Drew Reilly Powdersville 36-04.00
M S 8 Connor Graham Powdersville 36-03.50

Powdersville Track team members who have qualified to advance to the State Qualifier will be traveling to Seneca on Saturday, May 6, at 11:00 am. Keep up the great work, Patriots!! The way to win State is to qualify as many athletes in as many events as possible!! You can do it!! #PowdersvilleStrong! #GoPatriots!!


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