Patriots News · Powdersville Middle School Wrestling slips to Robert Anderson 78-72

Powdersville MS wrestlers came up short in a close match, 78-72, to Robert Anderson Middle School (Westside) in their first dual match of the season at home on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

Following are the results of the match:
King (POW) def. Arflin (RA) by Pin
Coleman (POW) def. Nimmons (RA) by Pin
S. Ragsdale (POW) def. Dodson (RA) by Pin
D. Ragsdale (POW) def. Wideman (RA) by Pin
Morgan (POW) def. T. Williams (RA) by Pin
Earl (RA) def. Bishop (POW) by Pin
Little (POW) def. Burnhart (RA) by Pin
Butler (POW) def. McGhee (RA) by Pin
Hendricks (POW) def. Sullivan (RA) by Pin
Mitchell (RA) def. Cuddie (POW) by Pin
Galloway (RA) def. Brewer (POW) by Pin
Moore (RA) def. Harris (POW) by Pin
Glenn (RA) def. Seybold (POW) by Pin
Seybold (POW) def. Orcutt (RA) by Pin
Williams (RA) def. Palomarez (POW) by Pin
Moon (RA) def. Coleman (POW) by Pin
S. Ragsdale (POW) def. Wideman (RA) by Pin
Smith (RA) def. Hendricks (POW) by Pin
Burnhart (RA) def. Camacho (POW) by Pin
Wardell (POW) def. McGhee (RA) by Pin
Galloway (RA) def. Cuddie (POW) by Pin
Cheatam (RA) def. Brewer (POW) by Pin
Putnam (RA) def. Palomarez (POW) by Pin
Telley (RA) def. Magaha (RA) by Pin
Seybold (POW) def. Lynch (RA) by Pin

Powdersville JV/MS Wrestlers will host the Patriot Scuffle on Saturday, December 8, at PVHS in a pooled round robin format.  Weigh-ins begin at 8:00am.  Play tough, Patriots!  #MakingHistoryEverySeason!  #GoPatriots!!