Girls Varsity Track · Powderville Girls Track Competes at Upper State Qualifier – Advances Pole Vaulter to State Finals

Congratulations to Powdersville Girls Track on their performances at the AAA Upper State Qualifier on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Junior Lauren Harris finished first in the Pole Vault and will advance to the State Finals.  Kudos to Lauren!

Following are Powdersville results:

Girls 200 Meter Dash

15 Cohen, Briana 10 Powdersville 29.50

Girls 400 Meter Dash

9 Irizarry, Melanie 10 Powdersville 1:04.85

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

8 Powdersville ‘A’ 54.14 (Cohen, Briana 10; Douglas, Jasmine 10; Gary, Destiny 10; James, Sophia 9)

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay

6 Powdersville ‘A’ 4:37.40 (Gary, Destiny 10; Irizarry, Melanie 10; James, Sophia 9; Kindel, Jessa 10)

Girls 4×800 Meter Relay

8 Powdersville ‘A’ 11:30.88 (Gosnell, Madison 8; Hawkins, Mary Kate 8; Irizarry, Melanie 10; Knight, Kilee 12)

Girls Pole Vault

1 Harris, Lauren 11 Powdersville 8-06.00

State Finals will be held at Spring Valley High School. AAA Girls Pole Vault is scheduled to begin Saturday, May 11, at 9:00 am. Best wishes to Lady Patriots who finished their season at Upper State and will move on to other activities and Lauren as she competes for the state title.  You got this, Lauren!  #MakingHistoryEverySeason! #GoPatriots!!